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Since I finished my degree in painting with additional specialization in ceramics sculpture I committed my life to work as an artist. I am working in different media such as painting, photography, and ceramics.

When I work with clay, I am reminded that the human condition is one that is both complex and simple. I usually use the technique of coiling which I enjoy as it allows me to build my piece slowly. Taking time over the creation of a piece is very important to me as it allows my awareness to settle into the process of creation in a very organic and mindful way. I like to see what the clay wants to reveal as I follow my instincts. I start with just the feel of the clay and watch to see what is being revealed as the process progresses.

My art is almost abstract, inspired by nature and its biological forms, by light and organic structures. Through my work, I endeavor to express the mystery of reality, of its variability and its singularity.